Wellness Massage

Our wellness massage is a completely customizable massage to meet your needs.

The wellness massage draws techniques from various massage styles including Swedish massage, Deep Tissue massage, Lomi Lomi Massage, Pre-Natal Massage, Sports massage and Myofascial massage.

Before each session, you will speak with your therapist let them know what is bothering you the most and the therapist will come up with a game plan to help you get relief. Currently, there are nine licensed massage therapists that all work as a team here at Asgard Massage.

Each therapist has their own style, however, the massage is customized based on your needs. We do recommend familiarizing yourself and work with at least 2-3 therapists here. This is so you can have your body worked in different ways and continue to improve and also to make booking an appointment easier with more availability.

So, whether you are looking to relax with a lighter touch, or if you suffer from chronic pain and need deeper pressure or a combination of both. Then, the massage team at Asgard Massage can customize a wellness massage meet your needs.